JSN Glamo Joomla Theme

JSN Glamo Joomla Theme is for fashion & retail joomla website template 3.3, 3.x that you can download free edition version, it is specially equipped with an extended style for RedShop.

It has a feminine, attractive and modern design which visually captures the clients interest due to the vibrant color variations, clean layout and mobile-friendly.


  • Nice Shopping Ux
  • Vivid Website Design
  • Versatile Mega Menu Builder
  • Unlimited Undo & Redo
  • Smoother Look With Bootstrap 3
  • Advanced Built-in Fields
  • Site Loading-free With Ajax Admin
  • Sample Data Installation
  • Full RTL Compatibility
  • Backup & Restore Easily
  • More Power in Fontawesome 4.4

Advanced Built-in Fields : A variety of tools such as icon picker, font selector, margin & padding box speed up your development work.

Smoother Look With Bootstrap 3 : Sun Framework with Bootstrap 3 makes your web development more intuitive than ever.

Unlimited Undo & Redo : Undo or redo any action that you made. Worry-free if you accidentally make a mistake

Versatile Mega Menu Builder : The first-ever mega menu Builder with drag-n-drop function, intuitive menu can be created in no time.

Nice Shopping Ux : Your visitors will be pleased by the smooth and interactive front-end of shopping-cart, which is optimized for installing J2Store extension.

Vivid Website Design : Impressive design with full of energy and creativity results in outstanding product showcases, which is made for fashion and accessories stores.

Site Loading-free With Ajax Admin : AJAX support in Sun Framework allows fast saving without reloading Joomla administration.

Full RTL Compatibility : Fully RTL supported, Sun Framework just presents RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, etc. perfectly.

Sample Data Installation : Simply hit one single click to install sample data and get the “demo” look for your website

Backup & Restore Easily : Sun Framework allows you to import or export all your template settings quickly with just a click.

More Power in Fontawesome 4.4 : The rich collection of 670+ FontAwesome icons level up CSS power that helps to make up website.

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