Drupal8 W3CSS Theme

Guaranteeing to be the main Drupal 8 theme that uses the littler and less demanding to-learn w3.css system, Drupal8 W3CSS theme is intended to be easy to use, with quick loading times.

It’s responsive by default and gives CSS equity over all browsers and devices. It likewise accompanies 22 predefined themes, and has 22 locales and 26 sections with variable colours.


  • Drupal8 W3CSS Theme is utilizing the modern W3.CSS framework with worked in responsiveness.
  • Drupal8 W3CSS Theme has 22 regions. Check README.txt for more details.
  • Drupal8 W3CSS Theme has 26 sections with variable colors. With w3.css structures you can change the background color, text color, text shadow and more to any section in your website. Just apply the w3.css class to the section.
  • Drupal8 W3CSS Theme accompanies capacity to change the site width. Simply embed any of the predefined classes into site width in theme settings. (w3-width-100-percent, w3-width-2560, w3-width-1920, w3-width-1600, w3-width-1360, w3-width-1280, w3-width-1024 and w3-width-800).
  • Drupal8 W3CSS Theme accompanies flat principle menu or vertical side nav. Simply add the main menu to the horizontal region or the vertical region.
  • Drupal8 W3CSS accompanies the capacity to make your own particular private W3.CSS Theme and apply it to your site.
  • Drupal8 W3CSS comes with 6 color libraries. (US Highway Colors, US Safety Colors, Camouflage Colors, Vivid Colors, European Signal Colors and Food Colors). You can create unlimited color themes.
  • Drupal8 W3CSS Theme comes with 8 social media links that are easy to configure.
  • Drupal8 W3CSS Theme has a top region that includes three flexible regions. (The total space in the top region will be divided by the number of regions you filled.)
  • Drupal8 W3CSS Theme has a base area that includes four adaptable regions. (The total space in the bottom region will be divided by the number of regions you filled.)
  • Drupal8 W3CSS Theme comes with Font Awesome 4.7.0 added to the css library.
  • Drupal8 W3CSS comes with jQuery match height. Example: If you have three squares in the top area, they will dependably have matching height on the large screen size.
  • Drupal8 W3CSS comes with a responsive fundamental menu and It is three level drop-down menu. The drop-down works on hover for big screen and on click for small screen.
  • Drupal8 W3CSS will hide completely (divs, wrappers, classes) any area you don’t utilize. Nothing will be printed in the back.
  • Drupal8 W3CSS Theme utilizes the base HTML structure to show the content.Illustration, You won’t see div > div > div > div > div.
  • It accompanies the capacity to make a custom page layout as per content write’s name. If you have two content types article and video you can have page–article.html.twig and page–video.html.twig.
  • This Theme comes with the capacity to make a custom page template for any view. Example if you have a view name “recent_video”, then you can create a page template name page–recent-video.html.twig.
  • Drupal8 W3CSS Theme comes the capacity to change the main container’s columns layout to equal width. Change the columns from (25% half 25%) to (33%) .
  • It has the ability to create a responsive horizontal three level secondary menu or a responsive vertical three level secondary menu.


  • Smaller and faster than other CSS frameworks.
  • Simpler to learn, and less demanding to use than different CSS frameworks.
  • Utilizations standard CSS just (No jQuery or JavaScript library).
  • Speeds up and simplifies web development.
  • Supports modern responsive design (mobile first) by default.
  • Gives CSS fairness to all programs. Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and more.
  • Provides CSS equality for all devices. PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile.

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