Corked Screwer Drupal Theme

Corked Screwer Drupal Theme by More than (just) Themes depends on the homonymous PSD template, which was designed and published by Vladimir Kudinov.

Corked Screwer has been ported to Drupal and is supported by More than (just) Themes, as a feature of ongoing effort to convey top quality themes to Drupal community. Corked Screwer comes with a responsive grid layout.


    • Responsive layout
    • Drupal standards compliant
    • 15 Regions: Header, Content Top, Navigation, Banner, Highlighted, Content, Sidebar First, Sidebar Second, Footer Featured, Footer first, Footer second, Footer third, Footer fourth, Footer, Help
    • 1, 2 and 3-columns layout support
    • Built-in Superfish menu support and Superfish module support
      • Multi-level drop-down menus
    • Built-in JQuery Slideshow based on the jquery cycle plugin:
      • Responsive behavior
      • Fully documented
      • Theme setting for adjusting the Slideshow effect
      • Theme setting for adjusting the duration of the Slideshow effect
      • Theme setting for randomizing the Slideshow order
      • Theme setting for adjusting the Slideshow “pause on hover”
      • Theme setting for preventing Slideshow from wrapping
      • Full HTML support for each slider item
      • Slideshow fades in on window load
    • Featured area with custom responsive grid layout
    • Breadcrumb display – Theme setting for Breadcrumb display
    • Styled links-buttons
    • Supported standard theme features: logo, site name, site slogan, user pictures in comments, user pictures in nodes, favicon
    • CSS is organized in order to improve Corked Screwer theme customization
    • Extensive CSS rules for:
      • Read more and Comment buttons
      • Images into content
      • Drupal’s Contact module form
      • Comments
      • User profiles
      • Blocks
      • Search block
      • User login block/User page

Installation instructions

  • Checkout this repository and place the “site” folder under your apache path.
  • Create an empty MySQL database and import there the “db_instances/corkedscrewer.sql” file.
  • Edit the “sites/default/settings.php” file and point the drupal installation to the newly created database.
    Now you are ready to login to the demonstration site by following the URL where your apache is serving the “sites” folder.
  • Login to this site by utilizing the following credentials:
    u: admin
    p: password

Demo   Download

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